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Welcome to the Freedom AWD Club of Western Australia

The Freedom All Wheel Drive Club was founded on the 19th of August 2012 as a family oriented  Club for Compact and Standard All Wheel and Four Wheel Drives. Our membership reflects a broad cross section of the community with a majority of members driving unmodified medium sized 4WD Vehicles.


The Club is affiliated with the West Australian 4WD Association.


Who Can Join?

Anyone with a registered 4WD or AWD vehicle is eligible for membership. No particular modifications are required.

It must be noted that that due to the nature of some activities and type of terrain covered, drivers of AWDs with no suitable low range 4WD or clearance will potentially be limited in their involvement.


Trips and Activities

The club runs a range of activities throughout the year. Typically, there is at least one trip per month. These range from day runs and overnight/ long weekend camping trips to extended 4 week interstate trips. Visitors are most welcome and depending on their experience will be guided on how to tackle any obstacles that may be encountered.


The majority of club activities are conducted on tracks that are easy to moderate in nature. In many instances, due to the nature of the trip, 4WD is rarely required.


Never Been off Road?

That’s okay. The club has many helpful members with varied levels of experience. Care is taken on trips to ensure new members are advised appropriately and develop skills in some basic 4WDing.


How to become a member?

We recommend that visitors come along to two meetings and two trips before applying for membership, this gives you a chance to see what the club is all about and also gives us a chance to get to know you. If you are happy then you can apply for membership. The club does not guarantee acceptance of any membership applications.

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Please note that the maximum number of trips you can attend as a visitor is  two. After that you need to  become a member.

Membership cost is $85 p/a. 

On becoming a member, access is provided to our Private Facebook Group as well access to the Club’s G Suite Site and Emailing system.


For more Information on becoming a member or up coming events, send us a message via email to 



These occur on the 4th Wednesday every month (There is no meeting in December)


Location: Manning Senior Citizens Centre

Address: 3 Downey Drive Manning

Feel free to contact us for further information


Benefits of belonging to the Club

The Club offers an opportunity for people with AWD and 4WD vehicles and interests in the outdoors to share their experiences and participate in recreational activities as a family focused group. For the inexperienced, this has the added advantage of providing an element of safety and eliminates the risk of being stuck in an isolated part of the bush by yourself. We will make sure you get home!